Depression Treatment

Everyone feels sadness from time to time, though this intense sadness should not last longer than two weeks. If you are experiencing several of the following symptoms, this may be a sign that you are experiencing depression. Usually these symptoms are causing difficulty for you in other areas of your life such as educational, occupational or with interpersonal relationships.

Symptoms Include:

• Feeling Sad
• Feeling Hopeless
• Feeling Discouraged
• Feeling Down
• Bodily Aches and Pains
• Loss of Pleasure in Previously Enjoyed Activities
• Social Withdrawal
• Changes in Appetite
• Sleep Disturbance
• Feelings of Worthlessness, Guilt or Self-Hate
• Thoughts of Death, Suicidal Ideation or Suicidal Attempts

If you have been experiencing several of these symptoms for longer than two weeks, we encourage you to call and make an appointment today. You will receive an assessment and in addition, a medical evaluation may be recommended to help screen for medical causes and to assist with medication management options. Depending on the severity of your condition, recommendations will be made and a treatment plan formulated to assist you in overcoming your depression. Treatment options may include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication management, behavioral treatments or an intensive program.

Hope and Healing are Available

Depression Hurts

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