Couples seeking marriage or couples therapy in Draper should look for therapists trained in Emotion Focused Therapy. It is one of the most researched, delineated and empirically-validated approaches in the field of couples’ therapy. Therapists at Achieve Family Therapy, utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples strengthen their relationship. Three ways to start strengthening your relationship now are through service, sacrifice and gratitude for contributions made both in the past and in the present. Looking at our traditions in honoring our veterans on Memorial Day can help us remember to honor important vows and value the most important relationships.

Draper, Utah will be joining four other cities in Utah with a monument to honor the families of servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the military. The Gold Star Family Memorial will be installed in Draper City Park and a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the monument was held on May 18, 2024. Other monuments can be found in Sandy, South Jordan, North Ogden and St. George. Draper often hosts a formal Memorial Day ceremony, which may include speeches from local officials, veterans, and community leaders, as well as patriotic music and a moment of silence.

In 1868, Memorial Day originally called Decoration Day, was established to decorate the graves of veterans with flowers as a way for the nation to honor the graves of those who died in the Civil War. People celebrate Memorial Day in various ways, often combining solemn remembrance with community and family activities. Common ways to observe the holiday include visiting cemeteries, attending parades, flying the flag, volunteering or reflecting on history. Memorial Day is intended to help us remember the service, sacrifices and contributions of veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Having important rituals of connection daily, weekly and yearly allow for the relationship to be strengthened and honored on a regular basis. Many couples choose to celebrate their anniversary by having a romantic dinner, a weekend getaway, revisiting a special place, exchanging gifts, experiencing a new activity together, renewing vows, spending quiet time together or reflecting on the relationship. The key is to choose activities that both partners enjoy and that reflect the uniqueness of their relationship. One way to strengthen the bonds of their marriage is to serve the other person.


Our veterans gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and way of life. Serving your spouse or partner will likewise strengthen the relationship and foster closeness. Serving your spouse can take many forms that are tailored to their needs and preferences. Looking for ways to do daily acts of kindness, helping with chores or running errands promotes feelings of being supported.  You might consider cooking their favorite meal or surprising them with breakfast in bed.

Emotional support is also essential to the relationship being secure and fostering a secure attachment. It is important to listen actively, offer encouragement and support their dreams and goals. Finally, spending quality time together doing activities you both enjoy creates meaningful, bonding memories.

There are many practical ways to serve your spouse. Help them organize their space, whether it’s their workspace, closet, or a shared area in your home. Wash, fuel, or maintain their vehicle. Consider doing thoughtful gestures like writing loving notes and leaving them where your spouse will find them. You might also consider offering a relaxing massage after a long day. Surprise them with small gifts or treats they love.

The key to effectively serving your spouse is understanding their unique needs and preferences, and showing your love and support in ways that are meaningful to them. Communication is essential—ask your spouse what would make them feel most supported and appreciated. Making healthy sacrifices for the relationship is another important aspect of a secure connection.


A good sacrifice for couples to make is one that involves giving up something, that will benefit the relationship as a whole, that fosters growth, connection and mutual support. An example of this is how the couple chooses to manage their time. Prioritizing spending quality time together over personal hobbies or activities can strengthen the relationship. Also, couples may adjust work or social schedules to ensure they have enough time together.

It is difficult for some people to apologize; however, being willing to apologize and forgive is an important sacrifice in a healthy relationship. Finally, letting go of pride and the need to always be right helps resolve conflicts and maintain harmony.

Allowing for personal differences and autonomy may feel like a sacrifice that requires you to come out of your comfort zone. This might include engaging in activities your partner enjoys and compromising on personal space and sharing living areas harmoniously. One of the most difficult sacrifices might include cutting back on personal spending to save for joint goals like a house, vacation, or children’s education.

Observing your unhealthy habits and working to improve them will aid the overall health and well-being of the relationship. Sacrificing behaviors that negatively impact the relationship, like nagging, criticizing, or being overly controlling, and replacing them with connecting actions, like expressing appreciation, fosters security and safety. Making joint decisions rather than unilateral ones, may require sacrificing some degree of independence.

The key to a healthy sacrifice is mutual agreement and understanding. Both partners should feel that the sacrifices made are fair and contribute positively to the relationship. Open communication about what each partner values and what sacrifices they are willing to make is crucial for maintaining a balanced and happy relationship. It is efficacious to express gratitude for your partner’s sacrifices.


There is a myriad of ways to show acts of appreciation. Firstly, express gratitude regularly for the things that they do. Organize a special date that caters to their interests. Second, celebrate their achievements and support their passions. Participate in activities or hobbies they enjoy. Also, allow them space and time to pursue their interests independently.

Support them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle y cooking nutritious meals or joining them in exercise. Look after them when they’re sick, ensuring they have everything they need to feel better. Finally. Engage in spiritual practices together if this is meaningful to both of you.

Your spouse or partner will deeply appreciate time spend fostering their values. Encourage and support them in their spiritual beliefs and practices. Consider how to financially assist one another. Work together on budgeting, saving, and financial planning to ease any financial stress.

Expressing gratitude in a relationship can have numerous positive effects including an enhanced emotional bond, increased relationship satisfaction, improved communication, deepened empathy and understanding. Overall, regularly expressing gratitude can create a more positive, supportive, and fulfilling relationship.


Every year we celebrate Memorial Day as a way of honoring the service and ultimate sacrifices made by our veterans who gave their lives. Showing this gratitude for their contributions allows us to remember and honor its importance. It is imperative that our primary relationship is likewise honored and remembered for its importance in our lives. This significant relationship requires service, sacrifice, and gratitude.


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