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When is it normal to feel anxiety?

We all feel fear or anxiety from time to time. It helps us deal with stressful situations like getting out of a burning building or staying focused during a presentation. It is normal to experience anxiety during times of stress like while making a big decision, moving to a new location or losing a job. However, at times our anxiety can take over and interfere with our healthy functioning.

When should I seek help for anxiety?

Facing a major life transition?

Transitions are part of life and we will experience these throughout our lifespan. Remaining flexible and finding ways to adapt to your new life change will alleviate stress and promote growth. Having people to talk to and rely on during these times allows you to process any emotions resulting from unexpected consequences that may or may not have anything to do with your choices.

Should I speak to a therapist?

Job Loss


Adolescent DBT Skills Group

Any mental health challenge that may face adults is also effecting adolescents. It is an especially important time in their growth and development where they are needing to become more autonomous while still needing the time, nurture and guidance of loving adults. Giving your adolescent a safe place to talk about their feelings is sometimes life altering or even life saving. It works best when the adolescent is open to therapy and seeking support. If they are not open to therapy, it is always a possibility for parents to come in a talk about their concerns.

Adolescent Life Skills Group


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