Adolescents in group therapy

The Life Skills Group reviews eight different topics as listed below:

  1. Beliefs, Balance and Boundaries
  2. Taking Charge of Change and Knowing What you Want
  3. Storms and Solid Foundations
  4. Peer Pressure
  5. Communication Styles
  6. Self-Care
  7. Self-Image/Body Image
  8. Attachment

This group runs, two times a year, once in the fall and once in the winter. This group runs for eight weeks. The participants will spend time discussing relevant topics to their age and stage of life. This group is held on Wednesday evenings and is fifty minutes long. The group begins at 7:10 PM and completes at 8:00 PM. During this group there will be both class time where participants are instructed in new skills and some process time where participants get to share their own thoughts, emotions or actions related to the topics being discussed in group.  The next group will begin on August 16, 2024. Dates and times may be subject to change due to holidays, vacations and availability.

The group fee is paid in advance and is non-refundable. There is no refund for missed groups. A payment plan may be offered upon request.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in having your adolescent participate in the next group. Once we have 4 to 5 interested participants we will contact you to confirm when the group will begin, complete a brief phone assessment to ensure the group is a good fit and to collect payment to secure their spot. Paperwork will need to be completed prior to your child participating in the group.

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