Therapy for Children

Child Therapy in Sandy

Evidenced Based Treatments

Children are developmentally at a different level than adults and because of this they require a unique approach to therapy. There are many evidence based treatment options available for children and adolescents. This means science has shown that these treatments are more effective and efficient for specific problems. At Achieve Family Therapy, we utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Family Therapy, and Play Therapy techniques. These treatments have been shown by science to help improve your child’s chances of recovery.

Help is Available

It can be very overwhelming for parents when their child presents with extreme behaviors or symptoms of a mental illness. Parents usually recognize that behaviors or qualities that were once a part of their child’s experience are now missing and in their place are new behaviors or symptoms that confuse, frustrate or overwhelm the child, family members and at times school personnel.

At Achieve Family Therapy, we understand that at these times children and parents need extra support. We provide a comprehensive evaluation which assists parents and children to understand their presenting problem, identify specific needs, create treatment goals, and formulate a plan that will assist the child on a road to recovery. This may include individual therapy sessions, family therapy or couples therapy.

Mom with her two children sitting on the couch at home


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