Men’s Pornography Group

Emotionally Focused Group:

Recent research findings are allowing us to better understand Pornography and how it impacts the brain and why for some people addiction is a good description for what they are experiencing. They find that they can't stop viewing even though they want to or how they need to escalate the behavior to get a similar reaction. Pornography addiction has been compared to the effects of cocaine or morphine on the brain.

Addiction Impacts the Brain

The frontal lobes are the command center for making decisions. These go inactive when substances are used. The left side of the frontal lobe is used for logic or decision making and the right side of the frontal lobe is used for relationships. This part of the brain helps us answer questions like how am I feeling or how is the other person feeling? These show up as inactive on the brain scan with people who are actively addicted to porn.

Experts have discovered that TO SUSTAIN real recovery one must exercise the right side of the brain. Things that allow this to happen are group work, therapy, 12 step programs and speaking with an ecclesiastical leader. Addiction moves fast. So fast often the person is unaware of the triggers that initiate the craving to use. At the core, it is often associated with boredom or pain.

Participating in Group

Participating in group allows you the opportunity to gain tools to help you become more aware of your emotions, recognize your triggers, practice being vulnerable with the safety of group confidentiality, and to practice self-compassion. Shame is often a contributor of the addictive cycle and learning to turn outwards rather than inward is at the core of your success in sustaining recovery.

Men's Pornography Group: Thursday Evening 7-8:30 PM


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