Women’s Group

Exploring Issues relevant to women:

Women find connection through talking about their problems. Yet it isn't always easy to open up about your problems with friends and family for fear of judgment or the need to keep confidences for the other parties involved. At Achieve Family Therapy, we provide a place where women can feel safe to open up about their troubles and practice giving and receiving validation. We follow the rule "that was is said in group stays in group."

Even though women come to group from different phases in life and with unique challenges, they find that at the core we all experience the same emotions, pain is part of the human experience and there is strength in connection. It takes courage to participate in group where we are choosing to be vulnerable, yet the benefits are great when we discover that we are not alone and hope and help is available.

This group is a solution focused group where women explore their personal strengths, formulate resources and discover and set personal goals. This group is limited to seven women.

Women's Group- Thursday 10-11 AM


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